Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blessings In A Jar

I read about this idea a few weeks ago and planned to blog it today with my own spin on it.

I found the original idea at:

Today we are getting ready for New Year's Dinner and preparing for a trip that Ray won for him and Gabe to the Fiesta Bowl. We should, WILL have a great picture for our capsule by the end of the day ~ the family just doesn't know it yet. (Te-He)

I have the perfect piece to add to the jar from something that took place last night. Just after the ball dropped, just after I said good-night to Gabe and Zech and just after I reminded them I was going to bed and to keep the sound down.......BOOOM!!
 And I mean louder than anyone's fireworks in the neighborhood kind of boom! Apparently they decided to make their own "fireworks" by lighting a can of Silly String on fire. Oh, the excitement of raising boys!

Anyway, I will place our New Year's picture on the front of our Blessings Capsule (as I will call it) as well as a piece from their "fireworks" and throughout the year we will drop blessings into the jar as they are bestowed upon us. On this day next year we will have a fun jar to reminisce through.  

Happy New Year!