Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Can We Do With a Rock?

I found this idea on Pinterest and I am adding it to our week 13 lesson plan for Science. In week 13 of  Classical Conversations the children are learning to memorize some parts of the earth:

What’s Below the Earth’s Surface? lesson plan 

I think this project will be fun (Meggie loves rocks) and aid us in remembering some of the earth parts.

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Magnets! Oh, MY!

I know I already did a recent post on Geography but I have to share this fun magnet of and idea! It has been stuck in my head for days...
(te-he, get it? Stuck-magnet) 

 you take a world map puzzle, state map puzzle or even a city map puzzle (if they even exist) and put magnets on the back to create an interactive way to memorize!

 Some Double Sided Sticky Tape

 And Have Fun

This cool (do people still say cool?) mom made this for her son's room.

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