Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's LifeWay Kiddo Lesson - Needing Jesus {New Life Series}

Today at LifeWay Community Church our kiddos learned that when we love Jesus with all of our hearts, all of our souls and all of our minds He is always there to help us and as we make mistakes we are in need of forgiveness. We wrote down sins on many pieces of scrap paper and placed them in several paper bags. We discussed the sin and we discussed that when we repent (admit the sin, feel bad about the sin and try not to commit the sin again) He is quick to forgive us  if we ask Him. Once we repent and ask Him for forgiveness the sin is forgotten and wiped away. The children then watched as the bags full of sin were lit on fire and disintegrated before their eyes!

Jesus is waiting on us to love Him with all of our hearts and all of our souls and all of our minds and when we repent and ask for forgiveness we can have alllllll of our sin disintegrated before our eyes!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Inspiration

I am inspired! I have had some ideas running through my head for some Spring props for our Children's Ministry and I came across this today. I went to Pinterest and did a search for picket fence ~

I will be making a few little changes; the most important will be changing sun to Son. I will also add lots of color and greenery with some flowers. Thanks for sharing @ Three Scoops of Love


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Princess Face

Meggie has lost two teeth now, has sparkling new ones coming in and she wants to show them off!!