Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Mustangs Were Winning

 against Cobb 12-7 in the second period; it was almost half time

The Defense was amazing......I was so proud of all of them and Gabe was playing hard!
Now it is MUSTANGS 18 COBB 14

And I took these shots with my Droid; believe it or not!
So our Mustangs lost in the last minute of the game to Cobb 18-21 but they ROCKED IT through the entire game and I am one proud momma!
AND THEN...............

we had to go to Urgent Care after the game. Gabe was getting up from the ground and one of the "big" boys fell on him...kinda folding him in half. Extreme neck pain but he got up and went back into the game. As soon as he got off the bus I knew he was hurt but couldn't tell by the way he had been playing. BUT GOD was right there with us and as I was waiting for the xrays to be done I was BELIEVING we would be leaving with JUST an icepack.....and once the xrays were read the doctor sent us on our way with clear instructions for ice followed by heat and some rest!! I love that I have a God that never leaves me; for I am nothing without HIM!!!