Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Night was a Treat

We had been working on Meggie's costume for some time and finally pulled it together. However, Gabe did not want to be so creative so he was Woopie Cushion Man once again. Nolan and his Mommy met us at the mall in search of some goodies but little did we know they would be almost out of candy by the time we got there. So the race was on to get back to the neighborhood in search of yet MORE goodies. SUCCESS! So it took some time to blog this but here it is and as I did decide to make it an easy night by bringing the cell phone for pics and I enjoyed the "no stress" of dragging the "big girl camera" I do have regrets.....Hence the low resolution ....Oh, well....the memories are still preserved. We just wont be doing this again, especially in low light!

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