Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In The Beginning

At the beginning of the school year Meghan was so excited to learn Geography. Here is one of her first world map drawings :

We added this project to aid in the awareness of where she lives in this great big world and it has been a great help. So, is so worth the time.

Step 1:
Collect recycled containers

Step 2:
Glue (or tape~Meg Pie is in love with tape) the world, continent,country,state and city map onto graduating containers to create a nesting can of geography fun!

And Voila!
All we need now is a tini-tiny can for our town!


If You Will Bake It They Will Come

Our Family Christmas Party
is almost upon us
and as all have been instructed to bring 
their favorite appetizer
I do believe I will

 I reallly-really love her china
more here: